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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 1, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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drainage pipe.. is making a miraculous recovery. wow, it is the best early christmas present that all of us could imagine. >> a bay area toddler who nearly died in a drainage pipe is making a recovery tonight. hefs trapped under water for 10 minutes. >> brian webb tells us the boy's age and the water itself might of helped. >> reporter: a typical saturday afternoon at the firehouse when a 911 call came in from one district over. but when a little boy is drowning you don't worry about the address. >> i actually was working out in the gym. i was in a t-shirt and shorts. >> a 2-year-old fallen in this pheurbgy murky green pond. she could not find him. when diane arrived she jumped in and spotted the boy in a drainpipe on her second dive. >> he had drifted underneath the road and was suspended.
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so, i saw him, grabbed him, i was able to stand on the bottom and raise my hands up and handed him off. >> like an overpass. >> reporter: the apprentice firefighter, six months on the job, started chest compressions. >> and pediatric. you never know the outcome what it is going to be. >> and very cold. that along with the fact that boy is young saved his life. >> incredibly cold. it is -- it gives the child a way better chance of having the least amount of deficits of making a full recovery. >> reporter: 24 hours later word reached the crew the boy was doing better. so much he is expected to make a full recovery. >> wow! [ laughter ] >> it is the best early christmas present that -- all of us could possible he imagine. >> reporter: just another day on the job at fire station 23. saving lives along the way. >> reporter: the child is
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recovering here at oak hand's children's hospital. his grandmother had to be treated for hypothermia and shock. she also is expected to make a full recovery. live in oakland, kpix5. new at 11:00, a california couple vanishes. they went out fishing on a delta thanksgiving afternoon. hours later their boat was found empty. still running and going around in circles of the coast guard searched but found no trace of the couple. their family worries someone might of hurt them. >> they are really nice people. they have no enemy, nothing like that. i am still hoping they are still alive. they are still okay. >> reporter: the family plans to expand their search outside of the delta area. they will be meeting with the detectives tomorrow. an online arrangements to sell a video game ended with a murder in san francisco. the seller was robbed and shot to death in the bay view near bay shore boulevard. the victim's name, not released and so far, no description of the killer.
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well, muni is reminding riders to be on high alert. pick pockets, drawbridge and cell phone snatchingses have been a problem on some buses. they want people coming into the city to keep a close eye on their stuff and their surroundings. >> i keep it very tight. [ laughter ] >> i don't keep it exposed. you can not trust anybody. the end of the day, never safe. >> reporter: other woman told us they keep their purses close to their bodies and many men keep their wallets in their front pockets. investigators are working to right a commuter train in a deadly derainment in new york city. four people died when the train ran off of the rails as it rounded a bend in the bronx. 60 others were hurt. investigators are focusing on the trains breaks. >> reporter: a 7-car metro train jumped the track with the first car coming to the stop right at the waters edge. the derailment happened on a curve section of the track where the harlem and hudson rivers meet. >> it started to make a
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shifting noise like with the tracks and the next thing i know two people from across the train come ming at me and fell on top of me. >> reporter: about 100 passengers were on the train traveling from new york to grand central terminal. the bodies of 3 victims were found outside on the ground. th was removed from said -- a fourth was removed from the outside of the train. >> making sure nobody was thrown in on the force of the crash. >> workday, fully occupied. it would have been tremendous. >> more than 60 people were hurt. several are critical. ryan kelly broke his left hand. >> i got thrown across, back and forth. came to me like a halt. people screaming. >> reporter: firecrews lifted air bags to free trapped passengers, cut away parts of the cars to get people out. the crash happened about half a mile from another derailment over the summer. the officials are looking at speed as a possible factor. >> we have not spoken to the conductor. we an teuspate interviewing the
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train crews in the next day or two. a law enforcement source tells cbs news that the train operator told first responders he applied the brakes. but they did not function. cbs news, the bronze, new york. a passenger took this picture from the inside of all of the cars. as you can tell it is on its side. the woman was sleeping when she felt the car start to tilt. she walked away with cuts and bruises. >> the investigators say speed was a factor in the firery crash that killed actor paul walker. they say it will take time to figure out how fast the car was going when it slammed into a pole killing walker and the driver rotis. walker was his friend he was his financial advisory. walker's father was overcome with emotions. >> i am glad every time i saw him i told him i loved him. [crying] >> walker was 40 years old.
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he leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter. dozens of people were hurt in this massive pileup in massachusetts. more than 70 vehicles smashed into each other on an icy interstate. some cars slid right under jack knifed semi trucks. incredibly nobody was killed. you are looking -- [no audio ] >> you are looking live at sfo where the holiday travel rush is winding down. final figures will not be in until tomorrow but the faa was predicting a small bump in holiday traffic it this year. if if you think sfo is busier than usual lately don knapp says you are right. fully loaded airlines drop on the runways other ands wait to take off. at the end of one of the year's busiest holiday periods. the b.a.r.t train arrives inside of sfo's terminal. billions spent on upgrades sfo is benefits from increased travel. 9 million passengers a year since 2007. >> you need to follow that line this way, please. >> reporter: not that it is
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fun for travelers. >> the rest go through that way. >> this line is a bit crazy. i board in 35 minutes. hopefully i make it. >> reporter: stung by the downturn, the passenger count went down 5 million since 2007. a spokesperson told us that the numbers reflect passenger losses to sfo as flyers chase lower fares. san jose's airport in a press release tauted 7 increased months. this despite facing many of the problems oakland faced according to rosemary barns. triple-a air projected travel will be down 4% to 3 million travelers. the economy may be improving but not fast enough for some. triple-a travel is projecting a 3.7 in air travel this year. one of the apparentlies heading out of sfo. a group of kaiser medical professionals, they left a few
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hours ago for the philippines to take care of typhoon victims. one nurse says her young daughter is supportive. >> my 11-year-old said mama those kids over there might not get christmas t is okay that we don't. >> team members are volunteers and many helped out after the earthquake in hatey and after hurricane katrina. a family of veteran detained in north creia says he appeared to be in good health. -- korea says he appeared to be in good health. the north is accusing him of hostile acts during the war. swedish ambassador visited him in a hot skpel newman says had sebeing treated well. a teen shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy may have a memorial park created in his honor. lawmakers will meet tuesday to discus requests from the community. a deputy shot 13-year-old andy lopez in october because he mistook the teen's bb gun for
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an ak-47 assault rifle. a remembrance today at golden gate park. hundreds gathered at the aids memorial grove to honor those who died in the pandemic. part of world aids day. the grove was lined with photos of people who have died and people who share their personal experiences. it is estimated that 1.1 million americans are living with hiv. still ahead, the drones are coming. amazon is testing out a plan to fly your packages right to your door. it is mislead something. >> when big stores promise to price match are they really telling the truth? what undercover cameras found out. time for a cool change in the bay area and how. we will be freezing by the end of the week. literally. details, coming up
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how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years.
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is going one step further. wants to use drones to do it even faster. the new service, called "p forget same day delivery. amazon is going one step further. it wants to use drones to do it faster. the new survice called prime air -- service could have it in customer's doorsteps in 30 minutes. don't expect it to so it any time soon. the ceo says it it will be four years before the drones are ready. they would only handle packages weighing up to 5 pounds. you will not see a 80 inch tv gliding through the air. now, according to the retail federation, 141 million people went shopping over the long weekend. that is up by about two million from last year. that is up by about two million from haft year. total spending is expected to
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top upon $57 billion. tomorrow, keeping on right on spending on-line. the group shopper track estimates cybermonday sales could approach $2 billion and that is up from $1.5 billion last year. well, stores will do just about anything to compete for the holiday shopping dollars, many promise if you find a better price somewhere else they will match it. look what happened when four different stores went to the honesty test. big promisees. >> do you have the lowest? >> reporter: we are putting them price test. >> reporter: check out the sign. we match internet prices. scanning the aisle they found this 70 inch sharp 3dtv. look, the same tv is on-line
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for $2,386. >> yes. as long as it is authorized. >> yes. look closely. see that? see store for details. they will price match for authorized competitors and the one we found is not one of them. listen as he admits the ad is misleading. >> you said it is mishe'd something. >> it is kind of. [indiscernible] you know. >> that kind of advertising is very frustrating. >> reporter: they say just because stores say they price match does not mean they will on everything. especially up against on-line retailer who's don't pay for store fronts. >> some stores can not afford to them. >> they get the low price guarantee. 17 inch laptop for $1,229. what we find at costco, will
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best buy match it. >> [indiscernible] >> you have to have a membership with them. >> then a different worker told us they would. >> i said you do not price match for croftco costco. it is not the same model they refuse to price match. >> it has arrangements to create items specifically from that store and all of those will be excluded from the price matching policies. >> reporter: we find best buy's own web site selling had this for $500 less. >> yes. all right, cool. over at target. they have a low price promise. we find this coffee maker for $199.99. but they refuse to give it to us for the $20 we found it on bloomingdale. >> not even a big company like them? >> no. >> reporter: in fact, they
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only price match amazon, walmart, bestbuy, toys 'r us and competitors with local ads. our final stop, home depoe. it has a low price guarantee. but, in small print it excludes online punches. we give it a try any way. >> do you price -- purchases. >> we give it a try any way. >> do you price match? >> yes, we do. but a physicallal store. >> we test the policy any way. showing bestbuy on-line is selling this lg washer for $100. will you price match it? >> yep. >> home depot price matched. perhaps the best advice, be respectful and even if they can't match the price, perhaps they will find another way to cut you a deal. >> at the end of the day, most good stores want happy customers. >> another tip, try bringing in multiple competing prices. if they turn you down on one it might accept another. we had had a record high
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today in oakland. up to 69 degrees at the museum. this time of the year, not exclusive, if you are having a warm spell, it is almost a dead certain bet that sooner or later it will completely turn around. this definitely goes in waves. big bubble of high pressure, followed by a deep trough of low pressure. and that is what is going to happen in the next few days in the bay area. unusually warm temperatures, giving way to unusually cool ones. that will be ushered in on tuesday. right now, the winds are calm. that is going to help the temperatures get low tonight. not nearly as cold as tuesday, wednesday, thursday night in the bay area. and the freeze warnings. 38 degrees for tonight. santa rose a40 at nap a41 at fairfield and livermore. out the door tomorrow morning, on the chilly side by california standards, temperatures in the upper 40s. that is sunny. that'll hold through for the rest of the day. in the upper 60s inland, around the bay, middle 60s, the coast,
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the same thing, one more mild day. the high pressure still is in command of the eastern pacific. it is this pool of cool air that will be coming down the shoreline in the next couple of days. when it does, the temperatures will drop dramatically. so we get one more mild day tomorrow and then tuesday, a big cool down coming. the high that kept us mild and gave oakland the record temperature today will keep us nice through monday. then, low pressure out of the golf, moves in over the state. as a result, the big chill on tuesday. and i grant you that if you are from colorado or from north dakota that this does not sound like really cold weather. believe me in california it is a big deal. especially when you have freeze warnings possible by wednesday. big chill coming in on tuesday. just to show what you is happening. today, numbers forecasted for monday to be in the middle 60s for the most part. 68 at livermore. but then you go out to thursday and the numbers will drop as much as 20 degrees. livermore forecast, only to 47
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degrees. livermore's temperature trend and, oh, that is a map with the wrong numberses on it. it is going to be cooling down. bay wide, for the next couple of days. it hooks like the cold snap is going to last right,the weekend. highs tomorrow, coast to coast, shows it warmer in the southeast than it will be in california tomorrow. sanfrancisco, 63. above average, normal, 59 degrees for this time of the year. same for livermore. it will be 9 degrees above af repblg. san jose, warmer than usual. it is tuesday that we look for things to cool down. -- average, san jose, warmer than usual. it is tuesday that we look for things to cool down. 65%, and 64 up at yukia. standard forecast calls for one more warm day on monday. so, tomorrow is nice and mild. look at what happens, tuesday, low 50s, for the latter half of the week we are only in the upper 40s. the temperatures by next weekend, recovery just a little bit. a degree or two. by in large, the nice pleasant
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weather that we had lately will be replaced by cool air. not picking up that much rain. it comes south, not much moisture with it. not getting anything at all. just the cool temperatures. >> tuesday, a shock to the system. >> i am afraid it will be a slap to the face. >> thank you. the new law that forces wildlife officers to be nicer to lie ons that wonder into neighborhoods. >> a guy takes a passenger ferry out for a joyride. " " california lawmakers and ron burgandy returns to a real newscast. coming up on game day. nfl stars of the future right here in studio. we have david, quarterback percentage for football and wide receiver, jones, this is a second left in the game, one may, david, what is the play? >> it will be one of our chandler open to the end zone, a lot of guys play it. let him make a play.
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>> wait until you see what these guys ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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elected state officials are getting a raise tomorrow. an independent panel approv the 5-point-3 percent bump did over the weekend. lawmakers and officials are getting a raise tomorrow. a panel approved a 5.3 bump over the summer. it is part of the pay cuts made during the recession, they will earn it, about a dozen are
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going to turn it down. no bay area lawmakersor that list. next time a mountain lion wonders into your neighborhood, wildlife officers will have to be nicer to it. fish and game officers to use nonlethal methods to deal with the animals as long as the lions pose no immediate threat to people. so now, it was safer to kill the lion than to worry if i did not stop that lion maybe some day he might of hurt somebody. >> a year ago they shot and killed twoor fan cougar cubs that took ref repblg under a -- refuge under a backyard deck. that was what you did then. now it is changed. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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are getting clearer. soundse good news....and it mostly . 150 years after the gold ru most of the "sludge" generad by miners in the sierra has finally washed oo sea. here's the downside: clearer water lets in more sunlight.. causing more algo grow. now to elliott bay-- a guy in s after the gold rush, the clearing water lets in more sunlight, causing morale gee to grow. now, elliot bay. a guy in seattle was arrested for taking a passenger ferry on a joyride. the ship was not in service at the time. the crews noticed it pulling away from the peer this morning. the police hook today it with a
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tugboat. the suspect took the boat because, well, he needed to get to west seattle. >> of course. >> yes. >> back back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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